Building a wardrobe

Now I did a post a while back on building a professional wardrobe. This post is just your basic everyday wardrobe. These are key pieces that you can mix and match and restyle with different accessories. I have added items for every price range. So you will find some pricey items and some more affordable items in each category. Just remember some key pieces are worth splurging for because in the end you get more for your money. Especially a good coat. You want a quality warm coat.

Little Black Dress:

It is important for every female to own a little black dress. It can be used for business, date nights, parties and so many events. You can style your LBD in so many different ways.


I know everyone on the planet has a pair of jeans. It is a wardrobe must. They can be good for running errands, dates, going out. A word of advice if you find a good pair you love buy mulitples! The worst thing is having your favorite pair wear out and you can't find them again.

Button Down Shirt:

These are great for dressing up a good pair of jeans. They are also essential if you work in the professional world. A nice white one is the most versatile. You can pair it with any color of vest, blazer, jacket, pant.


Skirts are nice to have for the hot summers. I know they saved my life last summer. They are cute and flirty. I love them for date nights with the hubby. They can be paired with a cute heel, or if you have skill they can even look cute with some good tennis shoes.


Boots are great to have around. Perfect for the fall/ winter months. Keep your feet dry and warm as well as stylish. I love a good riding boot over skinny jeans and a loose comfy sweater. That is my go to outfit in the cold.

White/ Black Tee's:

These are a great versatile way to change up your outfits. Jeans and a white tee with a layered necklace on day. Black tee, jeans and heels the next. They are great pieces to have for everyday. You can get fitted tee's or if you are like me I like them to be a little looser so I can tuck them in and have them drape out.

Black Heels:

These pumps can go with any outfit. If you are on a budget and can't afford a million heels in every color start with neutrals. Black being the most versatile.


I love blazers. If I could afford it I would have one in every color. A nice black or white one can take you further. Blazers can be paired with skirts, pants, jeans, leggings. They go with everything.


Now this is the one you want to invest in. A nice warm coat. Buying a cheap coat will really be a waste of money. If it doesn't keep you warm it is pointless to have.  It's almost as pointless as wearing socks with sandals. You can sometimes find a good quality coat for cheap. I got one from forever 21 a few years back that is super warm and super cute.

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