What's In my Bag

Right now I carry a bag within a bag but I am pretty sure you don't care what is in the diaper bag ;).
I have to keep it simple when I carry my bag. So I carry the essentials. 

Of course we all cannot live without our phones. I know I would be pretty lost without it. Literally I use it to navigate my way. I could get lost in a room with one door. But hey isn't that case really cute?

Lip gloss. I know I have to have lip gloss or chap stick with me. And if your like me I never ever finish a tube of gloss or chap stick. They always disappear...along with my socks. I love this lip gloss from Younique. It's not too sticky, it doesn't smell weird, and it has a mirror on the side. 

I have the driest of dry skin. During winter my hands are so dry and scaly. To top it off I have eczema. This Neosporin Eczema Essentials cream has been life saving. I use to use Cetaphil, but I am replacing it with this bad boy. It has saved my hands from becoming just big giant scabs. 

To make my makeup last all day I use the all nighter by Urban Decay. It keeps my makeup from moving all over my face. At work I am behind a mask all day and this helps keep my foundation from wiping off. Seriously...try this stuff. 

This bag is an amazing find at Ross. I was there looking for a frame when I came across this cute cross body bag. I love the color, it fits all my essentials. A great bag for a great price. 

Last but not least this eyeshadow palette. Sometimes I have to do my eye makeup on the fly. Baby girl keeps my busy so I grab this and do my eyeshadow and eyeliner with this. The black in this palette is perfect for eyeliner. I just grab an angled brush and smudge it in my lash line. Yay for things that make travel makeup easier. 

Lip gloss / Neosporin Cream / Urban Decay Setting Spray / theBalm palette / Bag

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