Building a Wardrobe: For the Professional

So bug and I have been so sick this past week. We caught a head cold from hell. Then I somehow got food poisoning on top of that. So that is why I have been gone for a week. I apologize.

So I saw a segment on tv the other day about how to build a wardrobe on a small budget. I was really interested. But then I found out their "small" budget was $3000 dollars. I am sorry but that isn't a small budget. I know that a lot of us cannot go buy a wardrobe for that amount. So I am going to show you a way you can build one for less than half that.

This Wardrobe is for the working woman. You need to have business appropriate gear that can transition to everyday life.

This entire wardrobe is under $300


Every professional woman needs a black and white blazer. You can interchange these with so many different blouses and tee shirts for weekends. They can be dressed up and down. Paired with pants, skirts and dresses. 

A colored cardigan. You can again pair this in so many ways. Over a blouse, with a skirt, with a pair of trousers. It is a great way to add color to your wardrobe.

Trench coats are always a must. They are a professional coat and a cute coat to wear on the weekend. 

Pencil skirts are of course essential to a professional wardrobe. To add a little femininity a nice flowly pleated skirt. It can be used in the work place and on the weekends. Also you always need a cute pair of trousers. Again each piece can be interchanged.

Blouses are a great way to look professional. A black and white blouse can interchange with the blazers and cardigan. A nice blush pink blouse is again easy to pair with other items. 

Every girl needs flats, heels, and boots. All in neutral tones so they can be styled in every outfit.  

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