Mohu Antenna Review

Hey guys! I hope your week is going well. It is half way over! Wahoo.

So I have told you all time and time again I am a girl on a budget. After buying our house we decided that we would just have Hulu and Netflix for our TV. Which was absolutely fine because we only watched live TV for the news and football. But we didn't want to pay $50-$100 for two channels. Then I heard about Mohu.We got one of their antennas and it has been awesome. We have been able to watch regular TV without a hitch. And we are still saving money. The channels come in so clearly. My husband even got to watch his 49ers not make it to the playoffs :)

The indoor leaf antenna is super thin, easy to install and super clear. I was a little worried that the channels would be slow to load, or grainy. But they come in just as clearly as if we had cable, or satellite. I have had mine a little over a month and I cannot tell you how awesome it has been to have. Especially since Revenge is back on and waiting an extra day to watch it has been killing me :) Thanks Mohu. 

I have really enjoyed this antenna, combine it with hulu, and netflix and you won't need expensive satellite or cable. That way you can spend the money you save on some cute new outfits :) 

Get $250 in special offers when you buy a Mohu HDTV antenna!

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