Makeover Monday: Smokey Eye for Red Heads

Being a red head there are a lot of makeup looks that do not flatter us. Our pale skin is very sensitive to what colors, and how much of each color our tone can handle. Now I have seen some smokey eye looks that look absolutely gorgeous on red heads. And it can easily over power us however. When I do a smokey eye I stay away from blacks and grey's because they wash me out. I like doing a smokey eye with different shades of purple. For red heads with blue eyes I think purple looks absolutely stunning.

I had so many pictures of this look but really, who wants to see a thousand pictures of my mug. So lets get down to how to do this look. 

Prime your lid with concealer or primer. I used this. Then I use this as a transition color any peachy color will do though. Then I took a light wine (alt) color and blended it in my crease. Starting from the outer corner to the inner corner. You do that so the outer part of your eye is darker. Then I grabbed my darkest wine color (alt) and kept that to my outer corner color. Then you take the peach shade and blend. 

For your lower lashes I used a really light hand with a lilac color. I then used an electric purple liner.

I did a cat eye with my favorite gel liner. I went to the bottom lashes and blended a little more.

Hope you like!

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