Makeover Monday: Brush Guide

So the makeup you use is super important. How you apply and what you apply that makeup with is everything. You can have the highest quality foundation and with the wrong brush it could look muddy. So I am going to give you some tips on amazing brushes that help the application process.

Foundation Brush: F80 brush by Sigma is the greatest foundation brush ever. Before this brush I could not find a way of evening my foundation without using just my hands. This brush has stepped up my makeup application. It goes on like butter. So smooth, no lines no wrinkles and it blends beautifully. (Extra tip spray the brush with setting spray before using it to apply the foundation it will bring more moisture to your skin and make the foundation last longer.)

Concealer Brush: F86 by Sigma: This brush is also been a great tool to add to my collection. I make a lot of expressions with my eyes. And my concealer tends to crease under my eyes. Using this brush with setting spray and my Mac Pro Longwear has been perfection. No lines, no creases and it is locked in place.

Setting Powder Brush: F35 brush by Sigma. This is the perfect shape to set the concealer under your eyes. It is also a great highlighting brush. And it is so soft!

Now for the eyes. All these brushes are a must have. To blend and make your eye shadow look professionally done. I use the E40, E30, E25, and E55. These are so soft and so easy to use. You seriously will step up your makeup game with these brushes. I use to think I could survive without pricey brushes but I was replacing my cheap brushes constantly. I have had these brushes for a year and they have not shed, the handles are intact, and they are so easy to clean. 

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