November Favorites

Where has this month gone? Where has this whole year gone? It is so nutty. So much has happened this year. I am going to miss it. I cannot wait for Aria's first Christmas!! Now that I have rambled here have been some of my favorites this month.


Dew Puff: This is an amazing little facial cleansing sponge. It is all natural and great for sensitive skin. You just get it wet and load it with your favorite cleanser. Such a great way to clean and exfoliate. And it is super cheap on amazon. 

Google Chrome: This has been the hubby and my favorite way to watch movies lately. Hook it up and link it to Vudu. It has been great to have around with the little one.

Beauty Blender: If you are a poor unfortunate soul like me and have dry skin this sponge is your new best friend. It blends out your foundation and concealer like a champ. You also dampen it so it adds moisture in your skin and wipes away any extra product you have applied. So you won't get cake face. I love the white version for my sensitive skin. 

New York Sweater: I have been wearing the heck out of this thing. It is nice and comfy for these cold days. Its nice to lounge around the house in. Great for snuggling up with hot chocolate and the baby. 

Leggings: Every girl needs a pair of wine leggings. They are perfect for the fall with a cute pair of booties. 

Purse: Another must in every girls closet. A nice bag. I love this one because it can fit diapers, wipes and extra onesies :). When your a mom you got to just make your things work for baby. 

Tribal Sweater: A fun essential to add to your closet is a tribal sweater. They have them in so many colors. I love this sweater, again for the cold weather and lounging around the house. Sometimes baby girl doesn't allow me a lot of time to get ready. So I grab some skinny jeans, a white tee, this sweater and I throw my hair up in the top knot. I can be lazy but still somewhat put together. 

Booties: Winter is here. I thing booties are the winter version of flats. You need something quick to slip on. Sometimes you can't hassle with riding boots. Having to tuck in the jeans and fighting with zippers. So I always have these boots out so I can slip them on and run out the door. 

Canvas: I have been super into canvas pictures right now. I want all our Disney pictures on canvas prints. I think they are just so cute and I don't have to find a zillion frames that match each other. 

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