DIY Carseat Blanket

So of course I was browsing pinterest and saw this bad boy. A carseat blanket for the little one. It is getting cold here and I want Aria as warm as possible. So I decided to venture out and try to make her one. The first one...didn't turn out so well, but the second one turned out perfect. So you get to see that one ;).

Stuff you will need:

-1 yard of the front fabric
-1 yard of the back fabric
* I get my fabric and JoAnns and use their 40% off coupon*
-Sewing machine
-Liquid hem or needle and thread

Step 1:
So you are going to fold your fabric inside out in fourths
And you are going to draw the shape in the above pic
There is no set template for it.
Then you cute the shape out and repeat on the backside fabric

Step 2:
Unfold the fabric and pin inside out. Make sure to leave one corner unsewed.
Sew around the blanket
Turn the blanket right side out and sew the last corner. Like below

Now here is the part that I can't help with. You are going to lay your blanket in your car seat however you want. Put A dot where the top of the belt is, and a dot where the bottom is. And connect the dots with a line. 
Sew a box around it and use a rotary cutter along the line you drew. And voile pull the seat belts through and wrap that cute baby up. 

These are the blue prints I used just in case I confused the crap out of you. I tend to do that. 

Here is Aria in her first one.

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