Why I am perfectly fine my husband is in love with another girl.

From the moment I hit the dating years there was one thing I always looked for in any guy I dated. Would he be a good father? I know it's always "too soon" to think about that stuff if your just dating someone. But you marry who you date right? So what's the point of dating someone if they lack a trait that you look for in a guy. I dated some really big losers. I dated some amazing guys. But non of them showed my the genuine love that Brandon did. I knew he would love our child as much if not more than he loved me. 
Brandon was the first to find out if we were pregnant or not. I took the test set it on the counter and took a shower. I told him to look at it first. With tears in his eyes he just showed me the test. It was positive. I honestly think he was more excited than I was. I was a little more freaked out. My mind instantly went through the labor part. I was petrified of labor. Absolutely terrified. 

My first Trimester was complete and total hell. I was so sick. I remember the only foods I could keep down were Fries, and Ramen noodles. After I got my flu shot I was so so sick. I was curled up in bed just crying. Bawling really. And my sweet husband sat there and reassured me everything was ok. That this would all be worth it. And again I knew I had made the right choice in finding an amazing father for our child. This is how he would calm her after a broken heart, a scrapped knee, a bad day. He would take care of her just as he took care of me. 

Fast forward to the day I was most excited about but feared the most. It was birthing day. He sat next to me through the whole process. Got me ice chips, held my hand, watched movies with me. Through the whole process he was there. He even held my puke bag while I hurled my guts out. Now that is true love! Aria came out and I saw his face. He was in love with another girl. And I am totally ok with that. People who say love at first sight isn't real has never experienced seeing your child for the first time. That is truly love at first sight. She started crying and they took her to the warming table and as soon as she heard daddies reassurance she stopped crying immediately. She knew that calming voice. Watching him hold her and comfort her. It absolutely warmed my heart. I was so exhausted and he watched over her. He had no idea what to do but he did an amazing job.

Ladies please, when searching for a companion require that they will be an amazing parent. Guys, never settle for someone who won't be a caring mother. Screw looks, screw money, screw all the petty things people search for in a mate. This is not one thing to settle on. I see the love Brandon has for Aria. I know that she will always be watched after by not one but two loving parents. And that is why I am ok with my Husband loving another girl. 

Yes mom I did cry a few times writing this. Don't judge.