Shopping Bag Lady

So this day was cold, wet and I had to be out and about. So I bundled up. You ever like your outfit then you see pictures of it and then you were like uhh...I look like a shopping bag lady. But whatever, you win some you loose some. So today I present Cayli as the shopping bag lady. I do like the hat.

This is the last of the baby bump pics. I am sure I will have a small bump for a while, but now that baby girl is here we are spending all our time loving on her and just being with her. I love her so much already and absolutely adore her. Thank you for all your sweet messages. Be patient with the lack of posts. It's family bonding time :)

Hat (similar) / Coat (similar and on sale) / Scarf (similar) / Dress (similar) / Boots / Rings / Tights / Belt (similar)

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