Makeover Monday: Daytime Look

Hey cuties! I hope you are all doing well. I sure am.
One of my favorite things to do is play with makeup. You should see my collection. There is no such thing as to many eye shadow pallets. So today I want to show you a simple way of taking a easy daytime makeup look, to a night out look. When doing a day look most women go for easy, and light. As the night comes we tend to make our makeup a little more dramatic. So let's get started.

*I am in no way an expert, or professional with makeup. So my techniques are self taught and I am in no way telling you this is the right or wrong way to do things.*

Start off with a clean naked face. And moisturize. Yup that's my mug. I do have eyelash extensions on. But no makeup. Kinda scary....

Here is my day look. I will link everything I used at the bottom. 
- Prime your eyes using concealer or eye primer
-Comb out your brows and I like to use a gel to hold them in place
-I then fill in my brows and shape them to my liking
-I go back to my eyes. 
-I use very neutral colors for the day ( soft browns, creams, peaches) 
- I start of with a peach color all over my lid focusing on the crease and outer corners of the eyes. Blend that like crazy. You don't want any harsh lines. 
-I then move in with a darker brown and focus that just in the crease, again focusing on the outer corner of the eye.
-I go back with the peach and blend the two together.
-On the inner corner I use a color close to my skin color and put that on the inner corner and the lower lid area.
-Eyes are done! If I didn't have eyelash extensions I would now apple mascara.
- I then apply a BB cream or light coverage foundation
-I let that sit for a sec, then I go in and apply my blush
-I have dry skin so I don't use a setting powder but if you are greasy I would set everything with a translucent powder. 
-Put some chap stick on or some gloss and you are good to go for the day.

I will list products I used and list products similar.

Eye Concealer / Brow Gel / Brow Shadow ( I use faint)  / Peach Eyeshadow / Brown Shadow / Inner Corner Shadow/ BB Cream / Blush/ Lip Gloss /

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