Best Day Ever+ Tee shirt giveaway, $25 Target gift card giveaway

To me when saying "Best Day Ever" it has to involve family. My best day ever happened early early September 11. A day we usually sit in mourning over the tragedies that occured. All though it's a tragic day a glimmer of sunshine came to us this day. Our baby girl was born at 12:45 that morning. That whole day was calm and spent with people I love.

Wearing the shirt and carrying a newborn people automatically know how I feel about being a new mom. Life is so precious we have to cherish it. Especially new life.

I know its jut a graphic tee, but graphic tee's are more than just that now. It expresses how you feel without having to be asked. You can't go a day without seeing one. You can dress them in so many ways. I just paired mine with skinny jeans. Being a new mom I have had barely had time to sleep. So a tee and skinnies are perfect.

Elevate Promo sent me this shirt, and they are also giving away a shirt to one of my lucky readers. And since I thing it is such a great promotion I will also give one runner up a $25 Gift Card to Target.

Rules: You get one entry for each step you complete, comment below after each step completed.
-Comment below about your best day ever.
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