Aria's Birthing Story

Wednesday September 10 I woke up in a puddle. I thought did I sweat this much at night? Did I seriously wet the bed? So I got up changed and went back to bed. Woke up same thing. This being my first pregnancy had no idea what was going on so I WebMD it. It said when the cervix thins you can loose a lot of fluid. And figuring since I was close it was just that. I had a Dr. appointment that morning anyway. So I went back to sleep. We got up and went to my appointment. I told the nurse that I had been leaking a clear fluid. She looked at me weird and was like maybe your water broke. And I told her I hadn't had any contractions so I didn't think it was my water. So she went and grabbed the Dr. She checked me and said. " Well your membranes have been ruptured." I asked what that meant and she looked at me and said "We are having a baby today." I looked at Brandon and the water works started. I was so excited. So we checked in and since I had no contraction they got me going on petoncin. So we played the waiting game. They had me cranked up to a 25 before I felt anything. You can only get to 40.  I felt a contraction finally and it wasn't as bad as I thought they would be but I wasn't sure it would get worse so I got the epidural. I am not strong like other women.
The epidural was weird feeling! Thankfully Brandon was there to hold my hand. After that I was feeling good. I watched movies with Brandon, my mom, dad and sister all day. It was actually really fun and relaxing.

I was getting dilated finally. So they had me start pushing. My Doctor had left out of town so I had the on call doctor. He came in and was in a hurry to get the baby here. I guess if your water is broken for more than 24 hours you can go septic. Glad I didn't know this at the time. I also spiked a fever that had them concerned. So he got the process going. She finally got here and luckily I didn't feel a thing.

We have been enjoying her. She has the funniest personality already. She reminds us of Grumpy Cat. Only in baby form. She is a happy baby but she sure doesn't like to show it. I am so lucky to have the family support that I have. Work has been awesome to work with me. I am so excited to have this blessing in my life. Being a mom has been hard work but so rewarding. Thank you all for your support and love.

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