Hey girls. I know subscription boxes right now are huge. I recently received a RocksBox and I am already in love it.

So you go on to their website here, and you take a style quiz. Your stylist picks our three jewelry pieces and sends you the pieces in an adorable box. You can wear the pieces as long or as little as you would like and send it back for different pieces. You can buy the pieces they send you at a discounted price. And the pieces are so adorable! I am so excited to post my pieces in some outfit posts for you. The necklace my stylist picked out for me is spot on with my style. So they absolutely know what they are doing. For $19 a month you can wear as many different pieces as you want. Not a bad deal at all! The best part...You don't even have to pay for shipping. They send you a shipping label with your package. So wear all you want, slap the label on the package and wait for your new pieces.

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