Looking good in bed

So this may be ridiculous to some of you. Sometimes I find it ridiculous. But lately I have hated every sleep item I own because it is outdated or makes me feel frumpy. So I have been telling Brandon I just need to get rid of it all and start over with some cute but comfortable pajamas. I know it's just sleeping but I still want to feel cute, put together..and even cute for the hubby. He thinks I look fine with polka dot top and flannel bottoms, but it's a vanity thing I guess. Maybe I am the only one. But here are a few items I have on my list to buy. Most from Forever 21. Who knew they had such cute sleepwear!?

Black skinnies/ Black Polka Dot/ Pink Striped / Coral Sweats/ Burgandy Sweats/ Pink and Black Bow/ Pink and Black Script/ Blue Polka Dot

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