How to make money from your text books.

So the time is here again where we are signing up for fall classes and saving for the dreaded text books. They are so expensive. If only I had known about when I was in school. They have this really cool program called RentBack.You can actually rent out your text books making you 2-4x more money than the schools buy backs. I know I was frustrated when I spent $300 for a brand new book, kept it in brand new condition just for the school to offer $50. Now you can rent out your books and make more money.

If you have no text books to rent out you can rent from I know my sister saved so much money renting her books. I went to school back when dinosaurs ruled the earth and the rental programs were not around. But why spend grundles of money when you can rent. You can highlight and write in your books. You can track your books, you can purchase the rental if you even want to. There are no fee's to sign up and with every rental and they donate to Operation smile. So not only are you saving money you are helping a great cause.

-save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
-free shipping both ways
-highlight and write in your books
-flexible renting periods
-help Operation Smile
-save yourself more money for PIZZA!!

Operation smile is an international children's medical charity that performs cleft palalte surgery and ongoing therapy to children of low and middle income countries. Giving young kids the confidence and abilities to smile and laugh as any child should be able to do.