How to be fashionably comfortable while Pregnant

Being pregnant is a whole different world of fashion. Things you used to wear might not work out as well as it used to. Sometimes you can get away with it. There are some do's and don'ts in dressing your cute bump. I know that sometimes pj's and a baggy tee is all you want to wear. And you deserve to be comfortable. But if you have to go out into the world and look human. Here are a few tips I found worked for me.

Blouse and Cardigan:

So easy to style and so comfortable in your pregnancy. You do not have to always shop maternity. I found that getting bigger sizes in normal clothing worked to a certain extent. This was one of my favorite early pregnancy outfits. Outfit details here.

Flowy Tanks:

These babies give you plenty of room to grow. They cover the little bump if you are trying to hide for a while. I know some people like to wait under they know the gender and the belly pops early. This was one of my go to tanks for a casual day. Outfit details here and here.

Dressing Up a Tee:

Now I love a good tee and jeans. But sometimes I had to be a little more dressed up than that. So I grabbed a skinny jean, tee and my favorite blazer. Now of course you can switch the shoes out for flats. I am a short girl so I wanted more length in my legs for this outfit. Since the jacket is longer I needed the heels to lengthen me. I was comfortable in these heels, but I am used to them. Outfit details here

Maxi Dresses:

Now this is a maternity dress I got very early in my pregnancy. But they are perfect for growth. You can also get away with getting a size or two up in a regular dress and growing into that. Maxi dresses are so cute and key to have in your pregnancy wardrobe. You will live in them. Especially if you are preggers in the hot months of the summer. Outfit details here


Geometrics can work with or against the body. Depending on where the pattern falls. I found this amazing tank at target and thankfully the different prints worked to slim my growing body. When wearing a patterned top make sure it isn't emphasizing your largest area. So if you are larger in the stomach area a horizontal line in that area is not the best idea. Like I have a larger chest. This geometric print cuts across the chest area making it appear smaller. Now if the print went horizontal across my chest it would draw the eye outward making it seem wider. Outfit details here

 Boxy Blouses:

Now you have fitted blouses and then the boxier blouses. You do NOT want to go to boxy or to big. It needs to fit you or it will add size to you. This shirt is the perfect amount of boxy but still fits. It hugged my chest but skimmed the sides of the body to give it just enough shape. These pants have also been great preggo pants because they draw attention to the legs and make the outfit a little more fun. Outfit details here.

Maxi Skirts:

Like Maxi Dresses these are a must in every preggo girls wardrobe. Even for the winter if you want to lounge. You can have fun with them and mix colors, and textures. I love mixing colors just because it brings me out of the pregnancy fog you get into. Sometimes you just do not feel cute and wearing bright colors cheers me up and distracts me from the pregnancy acne/weight gain/ nausea. Outfit details here.

Stretchy Pencil Skirts: 

In the summer months you will want to invest in stretchy pencil skirts. They will stretch to fit your body and not cut of circulation. That is the last thing you want on a belly. You will be more uncomfortable than your poor body already is. This black skirt is worn a lot by me. I grabbed a size bigger than usual. And I am still wearing it at 34 weeks. Outfit details here, here, and here


So not everyone can pull of a legging, or you just want the appearance of a jean. Jeggings are the way to go. I love my black pair from AE. I can no longer squeeze into them but they got me to about 30 weeks.  I can wear them with a belly band. But it is to stinking hot right now to wear them. But if you are preggers in the colder months you will live by these. Jeggings are stretchy like a legging and comfortable. But they look like a jean. Perfect pregger pants. Outfit details here.

Converse/ or comfy sneakers:

You will need a pair of chucks or some version of them. They can be so versatile for your poor swollen feet. You can wear them with a skirt, shorts, pants, boyfriend jeans, sweat pants. You will use and abuse these babies. Mine have saved my feet on many occasions. I am on my feet a lot. Running errands, shopping, the hustle and bustle that preparing for a new baby will do to you. These are a great shoe that won't sacrifice your style for comfort. Outfit detail here

Palazzo Pants: 

These may be a little to hippie for some of you girls, but I tell you what. They are one of the comfiest pairs of pants you will ever wear. They are made of that stretchy legging material so they are so stretchy and comfortable. I have three pairs of Palazzo pants. And they are not for everyone, but I love them. This are going to be awesome post partum pants as well. Outfit details here.

 Cute flats:

Like I said investing in cute sneakers is very important. But also grab some cute flats. You can't always get away with a sneaker so the next best thing is a flat. I am still wearing heels, but I know a lot of women don't like to wear heels period, let a lone in their pregnancy. You can find a cute cheap pair of flats just about anywhere. I paid $12 for these on a flash deal site. Outfit details here.


Ahhhh, the cuter version of sweatpants. I have so many leggings it's ridiculous. But you will use them! They will get you through your whole pregnancy, and you can still wear them afterwards. Again they stretch, they move, you aren't confined or restricted. Your belly has room to grow, you can dress them up with heels, or down with flats. Sometimes they even look cute with a sneaker. They are perfect for both summer and winter. Just girls for the sake of everyone make sure they are not thin thin thin fabric so when you bend over the world can see what God gave you. Try them on first if you do the bend test and you can see your goodies, grab a pair of spanks, or some girls even wear a dark pair of tights underneath. And again if you wear leggings without a long tunic, find proper underwear. Panty lines are not cute, especially with tight leggings. Outfit details here


My favorite item of clothing. They provide comfort to an outfit. It is a light weight cardigan. They come in sooo many shapes, lengths, and colors. I have a million kimonos. I have used them so many times. They dress up just a plain tee and shorts, or tee and jeans. Outfit details here, here, and here

Comfortable Shorts (if your pregger in the summer):

Utah gets freaking hot in the summer. I knew I was not going to survive without a cute pair of shorts. But I had to suck it up and buy maternity shorts. I think some women can get away with the shorter shorts while pregnant. But your body goes through some things, that I wouldn't recommend a short short. This is the perfect length. It isn't so short you can see your goodies, but it isn't so long you feel like your wearing old lady jeans. These have been so comfortable and so over worn. I highly recommend a good pair of Bermuda shorts to every summer pregnancy. Outfit details here

Joggers or Harem Pants: 

I personally like the joggers more than the Harem pants but they both do the job. The Harm pants have a lower crotch. So some people feel it looks like a diaper, or a drop crotch. Joggers are the same material just a little higher crotched and fit a little better. Again they are so comfortable. They are basically a dressed up sweat pant. You can wear them rolled up or rolled down. I love my two pairs I own. I need to invest in more! Outfit details here, and here.


Belt it:

Get a good waist belt. You will need one. Some outfits just don't look right on your belly unless the top is belted. It defines your belly a little more so it looks more of the baby belly than the beer belly. It also dresses things up a little more. I wear a belt now with a ton of my outfits. I love how belts look above a pregger belly. I think they are so cute. Outfit details here.


The classic lazy day article of clothing. But they are so versatile. You can wear them plain with a legging, belt them, wear them with a skinny jean, tie them. You will get so much out of even just one tunic. Especially for those days the baby is sitting in your rib cage and you don't want any pressure there. Soo worth the investment. Outfit Details here

Bodycon dresses:

Last but not least the bodycon dress. Perfect for baby showers. These dresses are so comfortable but tight. Mine actually provided belly support for me. It gives you the cutest round belly. I wish I would have purchased more early just for my pregnancy. I will wear it after but I think they look cuter on pregnant women. Love bodycon dresses!! Outfit detail here

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