What I wish I had known before pregnancy

I am going to start off this post saying how blessed we are to have this blessing. I am in no way regretting anything or taking anything for granted. I know that this is a huge miracle to have in my life. But there are definitely things I wish I had known, or been more educated on prior. Also things that have helped my pregnancy. So I hope this helps some of you.

Morning Sickness:

I had horrible "morning sickness" only mine came mostly at night. I had nausea the whole day but from 3-9 p.m. it was constant puking. There was not one meal I could keep down. Then I had a friend warn me to take my pre natals at night. I love these ones.  Which helped significantly. I also learned about this herbal tea for pregnant women that my sister informed me off. I also fell in love with rice bags, and essential oils. So I urge all of you to try those if you are as miserable as I was. Everyone tried to get me on Zofran, and the anti nausea drugs, but I hate taking pills.


Now I knew I would have a rush of hormones, but this is unlike anything I have ever felt. All my friends and family told me my skin would be glowing, and I would have this glow...ya I got really bad acne and broke out in rashes. This is definitely not a glamorous thing. My skin went through this stage where I had a really bad break out for like three or months straight. I tried every cream and face wash known to man. Until I found this guy. It completely changed my skin. Also I cry at the dumbest things. I knew that one was coming. I used to be a huge crier in high school and then college hit and I never cried. I am a crier again. I cry at stupid songs, stupid stories..its really ridiculous. So if your in your car and you just start crying for no reason..don't even worry about it.


Ok so I thought my boobs were big enough as is...ya wait until you get pregnant. They blow up like a million times. Well mine did. Seriously in the first three months I went up two cup sizes. I was already a 36 C. Talk about uncomfortable. Sorry this is TMI but they went a really dark color. I was worried at first but I was assured it is normal. So your boobs may get huge, and get really tan all of the sudden. And they will most definitely be tender.  I have been surviving on sports bras because those things are just to huge. Brandon really likes it but that is a lot of weight on the back. Plus the baby. Also you get sore spots down south. There are days were it feels like a car is being wedged in my pelvis. So glamorous right ?

Dr Visits/Stress:

I have never been one to go to the Dr. Unless I am dying I would never go to the doc. Now you get to go once a month, as it gets closer you'll go 2-3 a month. They are so stressful. You think oh I go in for a check up, wam bam done. No. There are so many things they test, prod and poke. Your first appointment you go in they most likely give you the fun pap smear. Then they send you to the lab to get blood drawn. I think they took 10 viles or so. Then your Doctor comes back and discusses things with you. The normal check ups are not so bad. They take your blood pressure, you pee in a cup and basically talk to your Doctor about concerns. My first appointment was a little more stressful. We couldn't find a heartbeat so we were rushed over to a ultrasound and luckily we found one. Then at our gender reveal ultra sound we found out baby girl had cysts on her brain. Which concerned the Doctor and we had to go to get a more in depth ultra sound at another hospital. I normally would have freaked out but this is more normal than most people think! So your Doctor talks to you about cysts, do not loose sleep. Most of the time they go away. Than they found I had high amounts of fluid. Which they usually coincide with gestational diabetes. Oh yay. So they set me up for a diabetes test later that month. Yay another thing to worry about.

The Glucose Test:

Ladies it is not that bad. I had so many people tell me how horrible it was and terrible and gross it was. It really was not that bad. I showed up, drank the drink ( I had Orange) and you have to wait an hour. It wasn't the best tasting thing. But it wasn't anything too terrible. I did get a migraine from the sugar but nothing like what people made it seem. After an hour they take you back and draw blood. It really isn't anything to stress about. Most likely you will be sent on your merry way.

Uncomfortable Everything

The baby has a favorite side. If you lay on any other side or any other way they will let you know. The second trimester was heaven. It was a relief from the first trimester sickness and nausea. I loved the second trimester. The third hits and you are big, baby is big and there's just not a whole lot of comfortable ways to sit or lay. Luckily I have really comfortable pillows that I surround myself with. Get one of these for the days, and one of these for the nights. It will help ease the pains. For sure!

Stretch Marks or the lack of:

Thank the good Lord I have not had this problem yet. I have been using this and this to avoid them. Make sure to apply after every shower or bath. I hear that's when the skin stretches the most.  But it is normal to get them. I know I am lucky and dodged a bullet so far. But hey you earned those tiger stripes. You carried a human being for 9 months. Your body nourished a human life. So stretch marks are badges of honor. Do not feel bad or disgusting if you get them. They fade, you can tan them or just embrace them. They sound so much worse than they are, not that I have room to talk I don't have them. I don't want them but when I see them on other people I don't think they are as repulsive as people make them.

Enjoy your pregnancy. I sound so hypocritical saying this. I have not enjoyed it but I sure am thankful for having this beautiful baby girl. I cannot wait to meet her. I love her so much. So enjoy the miracle every bump and drop of the way. And I couldn't be more grateful for my amazing husband for all the help he has given me. I cannot express how lucky I am. I have two miracles. Baby and an amazing amazing partner.

And for those struggling right now with pregnancy my heart and prayers go out to you. I have been surrounded by infertility. From friends to family who have been struggling I cannot put into words how much I love you and pray for you. We each have a path and different lives lead different ways. We had neighbors struggle for so many years. They were told by other neighbors that they were sinners in another life and that's why God wont give them children. How wrong they were. I don't know why some people get to have this gift and some don't. But don't ever feel it is you, or that you are broken, or not woman/ or man enough. You are actually more of a woman/man for taking on this challenge. You are a stronger person than I could ever be. You have nothing to explain to those who pester you to have kids. This is your path and it may not be an easy one, or even a fair one. But I believe if we aren't blessed with this gift in this life we are most definitely going to be blessed in another life with them. I love you guys.

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