Bummin It.

So third trimester has been interesting. I have wanted to wear nothing but tunics, sandals and leggings. Aria is much bigger and there's only so many places she can grow to. So I feel every bump, hiccup, kick. It is cool at some points, and not so comfy at others. So my outfits lately have been super relaxing, super comfortable.

These leggings are by far my favorites. They are cute, and functional. I originally had these leggings on. I got them litterally yesterday. Put them on, took a step and huge run went up the back of the leggings. I was so mad. They are really cheaply made leggings so stay away from them. These black ones I am wearing now were the same price and they have survived a kitten, babysitting, running, events. They are my go to leggings. So watch where you buy your leggings. I highly suggest staying away from these. They came from here.

This tunic has also been my go to tunic. It is loose, soft and oh so comfy!

Top: c/o Dolled Up
Leggings: Love Culture
Necklace: Rue 21
Earrings: Charming Charlie
Sandals: Windsor

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