Fringey Vest

It has been so stinking hot lately. I usually love this weather...but pregnancy in this But hey I did it to myself...well not really I had help :) But I have been finding ways of dressing this belly without to much going on. Most days I am in a t shirt and shorts. It is just to hot to layer up. Thankfully this day was a little cloudy and had a break from the sun.

This vest was a find at Target. I went to Target for makeup and went home with clothes. Target is notorious for going in for one thing and leaving with a million others. I swear that store sucks me in. This t shirt was also a great find at Bella Ella Boutique. That is a cute store but man the workers are very aggressive. I appreciate the help, but I just wanted to browse.

Oh and baby update: We checked her cysts and she is all clear. They have disappeared. YAY. The ultrasound was a lot of fun. She had the hiccups so we got to watch that, she was super active. She kept kicking the ultrasound thing. It was funny. She is a little brat we are in trouble ;)

Top: Bella Ella Boutique
Vest: Target (similar)
Pants: H&M
Sandals: Rue 21
Necklace: old
Bracelets: Rue 21

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