Dealing with the haters

Let's face it. We are fashion bloggers. We pump out pictures like no tomorrow. Some see us as "vain" "too into ourselves" "untalented" "model wanna-be's" when in actuality we are girls putting together outfits, taking pics and sharing them with other girls unsure of how to style an item. I sure as hell don't think I am anywhere near model quality. I am an awkward, pasty red head. And I do not care. There are websites out there that attack out pictures, posts, sponsors whatever. I have read some about myself and to be honest these people are quite hilarious. I don't condone what they do but some things they say are hilarious. I can laugh at myself as well as the next guy. At first it hurt, but you got to grow a sense of humor. These people don't know you. They don't know your personality. You can portray yourself as much as you want through the screen but people can't actually know you through blogging. There are people out there that will genuinely hate you for just the sheer fact you bug them. And that is okay. There are people out there that I cannot stand, and it is for no reason at all. Just know that if they don't know you personally, don't take it personally. Everyone has haters. From jealous haters, to just unreasonable ones...haters gonna hate. They will pick every little thing you do apart. Who cares. If that is how they want or need to spend their time, than who is the one here with the problem. They are behind a computer. You are in front of one. Showing the world what you have to give. It takes a lot of courage to do that. I have always been so shy, and hard on myself for the way I look, but when it comes down to it I got over it and put my awkward, pasty arss out there. And I have really grown as a person. I still pick at my flaws. Why can't I have hair like this blogger, or tan like that one. But if we were all clones of each other this would be a pretty boring place. Embrace what you have. You can fight to change it but it will always be you. And if people hate on you for something you were born with who gives a flying fart in space. You can't change it, you can't change their mind. 

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