Jamberry Nails Review

I love nail polish. I have like over 100 bottles of nail polish. I have recently been trying different types of nail wraps and there have been a few I have loved. So I was asked to try Jamberry Nail wraps. I have to be honest. I like the ones I get from Rue 21 or Amazon much better. They are much easier to apply and I feel I get the whole kit ( cuticle stick, nail file, and a full set of nail wraps).  I know I was sent just a sample and I loved the zig zag design I got. They have soooo many cute wraps. But for the price they ask.. you can get the same from Rue 21 for more than half. I paid $2 for my Rue wraps, I know Sally Hansen has some good ones you can get from CVS or Walgreens for like $5, and Ulta has some cute ones for around $5 as well. The quality is great, the design is great and the application is great if you have the right tools to do so. My kit came with an alcohol pad and the wraps. I didn't get a file or a cuticle pusher stick. Which I think is important in applying nails. But again it could be that I just got a sample. So if you don't mind the price they are wonderful wraps. But I feel you get the same for less money from the drugstores. Just not the variety Jamberry offers.

Jamberry Nails is a company that offers parties, and sales oppurtunities. You can become a consultant and sale them your self or you can contact Kayla Scott: kaylascott.jamberrynails.net or Danica Fletcher: danicafletcher.jamberrynails.com.

This is day one of my trial, I will try them out for seven days and see how they last compared to my other wraps and my nail polish. I do have a base coat and top coat on all my nails.

Jamberry Nail Wraps c/o Jamberry Nails
Pink Polish: Urban Outfitters

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