Crisscross top from Caralase

So a really cute fashion blogger exposed me to Caralase and I have been in love since. Rachel Sayumi you are in big trouble!! I cannot get enough of the cute tops! Nice and loose and fashionable...and not to expensive! Bonus! I fell in love with this top because of the back. Now after I take it off and it gets all tangled it is a pain in the butt to figure out how to get it back. I know I am incompetent but it's a puzzle getting this sucker on and off properly. But I sure love it. My big ole pregger belly appreciates the extra space :) Still celebrating the fact I don't have to wear maternity clothes yet. Bleh.

I just felt like being simple and comfortable. It was a good 85 degrees today, so it is getting to the point I need to go buy some shorts and get a tan. I don't want to blind anyone with my whiter than casper legs. Yikes.

Tank: Caralase
Pants: American Eagle 
Sandals: Windsor
White Top: Sexy Modest Boutique
Necklace: Charming Charlie (are you surprised?)

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