Second Trimester Must Haves

Second Trimester has been awesome. I have energy, I don't feel sick. It has been so nice to feel like a human being during this trimester. Thanks to pinterest and some friends I have found a few things to help me get through the back pain and uncomfortable feeling of a growing belly. 

Blanqi: Target sells these amazing inventions. Its a cami that supports your belly and back. It also smooths lines. It really makes things very comfortable. My friend Sarah had one so when I got preggers I ordered one. Every pregnant girl needs this! I got mine for 34.99 at (here, here)

Palazzo Pants: These pants are not only super soft and comfortable they are super cute. I know there are a lot of girls who aren't a fan of these hippie pants but I sure love them. There is no bunching or cutting off of circulation. They are a huge must have. I have two pairs and use and abuse them. (here, here)

Boyfriend Sweater: I get cold super easy. And I feel even colder now. So a nice comfortable loose sweater has been a life saver. Especially those days where you want to be bra less. Got to let the boobs breathe. (here, here)

Maternity Bra: Get something comfortable. Although nothing is as comfortable as going commando, these help when you are required to strap up. A good comfortable bra is a must have! (here, here)

Cranberry Juice: Helps cleanse the system. I also get really bad allergies and it seriously helps my congestion. Also helps the kidneys. I know some women get kidney stones during their pregnancy again this helps. Get the regular cranberry juice with little amounts of sugar. (Target, Harmons, Walmart, any grocery store)

Skinny Jeans: I like the jeggings. They are again really comfortable without looking frumpy. You get the appearance of jeans without the tight confining binding of a jean. (here, here)

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