Merco Box

So I had the opportunity to review the Merco Box. I was so excited to get this box of goodies. What Merco Box is a box of samples from local companies. With every box you purchase the money goes back into your community. Supporting you local shops and companies. Small shops, large shops, places you can go to in your town. It is really quite awesome. Here are the things I got in my box! Check out below for all the details on how to get your own merco box.

Meals That Transform Protein Powder: Again a perfect treat for me at the perfect time. Pregnant women are suppose to consume more protein. And I don't eat a lot of meat. So I get a lot of my protein from shakes. This is not only delicious but helps me get what I need and what baby needs. It's all natural and local :) even better. You can order meals from this company that meet your dietary needs. 80% of your weight loss happens in the kitchen. If your on a busy schedule give this a look. You get meals delivered right to your home twice a week. They are not processed, frozen shrink wrapped freezer meals. They have vegetarian plans, family plans, anything to form fit it to your lifestyle. Love this idea. 

Fit Me Tea: So many tea options!! I can only drink organic herbal tea's. Different flavors and different functions of each tea. Just a cute small company brewing different teas. 

Ashley's Apothecary Healing Salve: I love love love organic lotions, chap sticks, salves. And this baby came at the perfect time. I have been rubbing it on my dry preggo belly. I am not sure the original purpose for this but I use it on my lips and skin. Anything dry. I love the smell. I am definitely going to track this company down for some lotion. 

Les Madeleines: OMG. Mouthgasmic. I had no clue what they were and was really hesitant about trying them. Mine were like little lemon heaven pillows for my tongue. My hubby is picking some up after work tomorrow. Soooo glad we found this place. It will be our new frequenter. Especially to satisfy my preggo needs ;). Thank you Merco Box mmmmmm. Omg their breakfast menu. I need to get there now!

Eco Treasure Soap Nuts: Now this is actually pretty cool. These little guys are organic berries that are natural producers of soap. The site says they contain a antibacterial property that has a stain fighting agent and odor protectant. They come with little cloth bags to throw in your washer. 

Meals that transform protein bar: Same company as the protein shake. They have so many options and both these options have been delicious. 

Also not pictured my box contained a Rodizio Grill $10 giftcard, Downtime Yoga Gift Card $5, And a BOGO for Ballet West. 

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