Baby J's shopping list

We are already stocking up on diapers and wipes for Baby J. Let me tell ya diapers are expensive. But it will be nice to have a stock pile. I have been shopping non stop for the nursery, clothes, and little fun things for Baby J. I cannot wait to be a mom. Here are some things I hope to get for my little one.

Target 4 in 1 crib: Saves you money and time on your ever growing baby. One bed through many stages and it is only $189! 

Sweater Blankets: Etsy stores are full of them. They are warm and soft and everything to cuddle with your adorable baby. So many colors!

Ortho Binkies: Yes I work in the dental field, so of course I am concerned about babies teeth. Ortho binkies are designed by dentists. They reduce pressure on the gums for natural development. And they don't mess with the misalignment of teeth. 

Eddie Bauer Tri Trek: This car seat and stroller bundle will be excellent for traveling and taking baby on a jog. It comes in five different colors. Comfortable for momma and baby!

Vintage Baby Stroller: I have no idea where to find one of these, but I sure would love to have one. So chic and cute. I would love love love to take baby J on a sunday walk in one of these.

Ortho Nipples: Again helps with the alignment of teeth and reduces pressure on the gums. Also helps with baby bottle mouth, or milk mouth. 

Shark Converse: I will find these and baby j will wear these :). Ugh I love them!

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