White and Gold

So today was errand day. I wanted to be comfortable and easy. We also were going on a group date with a bunch of friends so I wanted to make that transfer over as well. It feels awesome to be in my second trimester. I have so much energy and I don't feel sick. It is so freaking nice! I love feeling good again. YAY! I think these sandals will be permanently attached to my foot. They are so comfortable and easy. Happy Week.

Well I am at 14 weeks now :) Baby J is the size of a lemon. We get to find out the sex April Fools Day. I am so excited. I am thinking boy, but I will take healthy baby no matter what. I have been craving fries still. Yesterday I had a huge craving for jalapeno poppers. Ginger Ale has been my savior. I was super sick my first trimester but I didn't want to take any meds. So I dealt with it naturally no zofran for this crazy girl. I probably should have been on it :) Baby still hates Mexican food which kills me because I love it. Every time I eat it...it makes a reappearance. So sad. I have a little belly poking out now. Still no maternity clothes yet.

Top: Charming Charlie (similar)
Pants: American Eagle
Sandals: Windsor

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