Pregnancy Essentials

I know this post won't apply to you but maybe it can help you for the future. People like to play off like pregnancy is easy, fun, and your glowing, your skin is perfect you dress cute...ya not so much.  Pregnancy is a wonderful gift but a not so pleasant one to go through. I am not complaining, I am warning :) After seeing pic of little Baby J, I don't mind so much. Being sick, uncomfortable, and unable to be in controll for nine months is not an easy adventure. But when you hear that little heart beating and see that cute little baby it's worth getting through. That's what I keep telling myself.


I am one that tries to stay away from any time of pill or medication. Though they serve a purpose I also know what they do to kidneys, livers and even your stomach. I try to use the Doterra Essential Oils. The peppermint, lemon, and Lavender have been saving my BUTT!! Peppermint for nausea, and to keep me alert at work, the lemon also helps with keeping down the puke. The lavender is great as a sleep aid. To keep the lavender lasting all night put 5 drops on each foot and throw on those socks. You can order the trio here.  Please make sure to take your prenatals at night. I learned the hard way that it is not reccomended for the morning.  Also if you find that you are still experiencing vomiting look for iron free. That could be contributing to your need to puke.


Your body needs calories. You are growing a human being! You need to eat. I know I am having a hell of a time keeping food down. But I know that I need to keep my body fed. Stick to easy foods. And Ginger Ale is a life saving tummy reliever. Here are some "easy" foods that don't taste horrible if you have to throw them up. 

- Applesauce, super easy on the tummy and tastes the exact same comming out as it did going in. 
- Cocoa Puffs, not exactly the healthiest choice but again chocolate down, chocolate up.
- Ginger Ale, I have yet to throw this up but it sure reliefs the tummy. Ginger anything does. 
- Sprite, also good for settling the tummy I don't know why. Mixing this and ginger ale is yummy!
- Top Ramen, again I have yet to toss this one up but it satifies my hunger. Sometimes its the only meal I get to keep for the day, and I need the calories from it to stay a float
- Toast, if its well chewed it comes up pretty easy, not well chewed it hurts like a mother effer. I got a sharp corner and my throat is still sore. Bleh
-STAY AWAY FROM POPCORN. Little blades of death seeds hurt!! 
-Eat what your body craves. Now if your body craves McDonalds 24/7 of course I would not suggest that for you diet. If you crave something from McD's try making it yourself from scratch with some real meat, and lean meat! Or you can ask someone nicely to make it for you *thanks Brandon* I constantly crave hamburgers and he makes a mean lean burger!! Oh man its good. 
- Veggies like celery, and carrots are not to hard to up chuck. Tomatoe's however are not fun. Talk about burn. Aciditc duh, I know but ouch. 

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