Dressing up the Guy in your life

So this guy has been my saving grace these past few months. He has helped me in so many ways. Helped with housework, holding my hair back when I am puking, driving me to appointments. He is just simply amazing. I sure love him. When we were trying to hear babies heart beat and couldn't he kept me sane while we waited to get into the ultrasound. When someone can't find your babies heart beat it gets a little scary. But he kept me positive. What would I do without him!! I worry to much that is my problem.

So when dressing the guy in your life its important to let him choose most of what he wears. I help kinda add or take away things, but you got to give him freedom. Of course he always has to add his Harley boots. I wouldn't take that from him. Personally I love the personality it brings to his suits. Love this guy!

Shirt: Van Heusen
Pants: Mens Wearhouse
Boots: Harley Davidson
Tie: old
Belt: Nike

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