Clear Skin

So I have never had Acne in my whole life. Pregnancy has changed my skin so much. So I have been searching high and low for products to keep the face demons at bay. If you have any suggestions please let me know this is what I have so far.

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1. The Purity really cleans deep into the pores. It goes in there and pulls so much out. I can tell that my skin is so clean after scrubbing my face with this cleanser. It smells so good!! I have super dry sensitive skin and it does wonders. 

2. I can't use astringent on my sensitive skin. This is an amazing "toner" for my face. It is also very moisturizing. I love how gentle it is. 

3. Pores be pure I am going to warn you. It burns a little. If you wait a little bit it goes away but the first few seconds is really intense. But it feels so good when you wash it off. Your pores are so clean and it pulls out all the crap you get through your skin in the day. 

4. I want a clarisonic really bad but these days every penny goes to the baby fund. So I found this cheaper version that works like a charm. I use this to apply my purity. I only do this at night however if I do this in the morning my skin is way to red and exfoliated. But I am a whitey so if you are blessed with beautiful darker skin that may not be something you have to worry about, and I envy you. 

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