Valentines Day For the Single Ladies

Ok so we all have been single for Valentines Day.  A day to remind you of how alone you are. But it doesn't have to be that way! I know its easier said than done but enjoy the time you have! It doesn't need to be sad, and depressing. I had a few single Valentines Days where I had a blast. I would  get together with some of my other single girl friends and have a girls night. We would do our nails, facials, and color our hair. We would eat fruits and veggies and pizza, and watch some funny movies.  Here are some ideas for you and your single friends to celebrate Single Awareness Day!

-Go to a dueling Piano Bar if your in Utah there is one called Keys on Main. So much fun!

-Girls Night In: Gather up your favorite nail polishes and facial products and pamper yourselves!

-Cook: Everyone brings ingredients to make a delicious dish. Soup, or a healthy pizza. These are so much fun. Chatting a cooking while listening to some awesome music.

-Go to a Movie: Yes you will encounter all those lovey dovey couples you want to avoid. But you get to pick your own movie, eat your own popcorn and not have to share your milk duds. :) I went to a movie with a bunch of girls on Valentines Day and we had the whole theater to ourselves. It was so much fun.

-Craft Night: If your a crafter you take any excuse to craft all night. Get together with girls and craft. From scrap booking, to decorations, to clothing. Spend the night getting creative with your besties :)

-Go to game: I think Basketball is the only game in season well at least in Utah. So hit up a Jazz Game, or Event. Who knows maybe you will meet another single guy :)

-Comedy Clubs: Not only are they so much fun, it lightens the mood. I have found some really good comedians from these clubs. Get a group and just go! Have a good laugh ;)

-Spend the night alone: Ya I know sounds lonely. But I am the type that did enjoy a night to myself. Draw up a bubble bath. Relax! Get in your pajamas and hit up Netflix. You can find some awesome tv series that way. I pounded out a season or two in one night. It was actually quite enjoyable.

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