January Favorites

I am going to try and start doing my monthly favorites for you! It's easier to do a blog post than a video. I simply hate hate hate doing videos. I just finished a tutorial for cover girl, and it is hard work. Hats off to all the legit hard core youtube gurus!

1. Boyfriend Cardigans: With being sick all I wanted to do was curl up in my confy leggings, a tunic, and my boyfriend cardigan. I have been living in them lately. They are so loose, and warm and soft. They can be styled in so many ways. They are a must in every girls closet. 

2. Josie Maran Milk: Expensive little bottle, but it is liquid gold! This stuff makes your skin so stinking soft. Such a great product for us dry skinned girls. Best moisturizer I have seen in a long time. It goes flawlessly under makeup! 

3. Loreal Youth Code Pore Vanisher: Well good luck finding this tube of awesome. After Nicole Guerriero put a video up with this thing, it has been sold out everywhere I go...dang it!! But it is an absolute dupe for another favorite of mine the porefessional. It is very similar. I have a hard time steering away from my porefessional but this tube is much bigger and its a few dollars cheaper. Good luck with finding it!

4. Jasmine and Henna Hair Mask: So I walked into lush to find the mask of magniminty but they are sold out AGAIN. So I asked for a really good hair mask instead. My ends get so dry in the winter. So the lady there suggested the jasmine hair mask. You put it on 20 minutes before you shower. Let is soak in, then you shampoo and condition like normal. This stuff is AMAZING. Your hair gets so soft and fluffy!!! I love it. Not a fan of the smell, but the product works like a charm!

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