Freedom Is a Beautiful Thing

I think many of us girls take what we have for granted. I know I climb on my soap box every month when I talk about Stop Traffick Fashion, but how lucky are we that we get to feel safe every night in our own home with out families. Human Trafficking is so prevalent these days. More than you think. Many young girls are forced into Sex Trafficking everyday. Girls who runaway feel this is the only way to survive. I was looking up statistics on Stop Traffick Fashions blog the other day and it sickens me that there are people out there doing this to young girls and even guys. Mothers in Cambodia selling their daughters, I even heard a story on the news last week of a Utah mother prostituting her daughter to pay the utility bills. How lucky are we that this is not a demon we have to face first hand. But we can help fight for those who survive these awful conditions. Stop Traffick Fashion has so many cute accessories and clothing items made by survivors. This company provides these amazing people with a job and a way to come back from the horrible conditions they once lived. By purchasing from this site you are helping these survivors with a second chance at life. 


Sweater: Ross (similar)
Gingham Top: Sexy Modest Boutique (similar)
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Target
Bag: Stop Traffick Fashion (Great for travel or beach bags)

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