Shamelessly Sparkly

So  a while back I was an idiot and purchased an expensive J Crew statement necklace. I wanted to see what the hype was about so I tried it. And I was disappointed a jewel fell out the next day. And I did not want to drag my carcass back to Park City to exchange it. I was bummed. But lucky for me I found Shamelessly Sparkly. Amazing Statement necklaces,earrings, and bracelets for decent prices. And the great thing about their products, the jewels don't fall out the next day! I have two necklaces that I love from Shamelessly Sparkly. They are so gorgeous! There are so many pieces I have my eyes on. The customer service is great, I love the quality provided, fast shipping, and did I mention the prices :) Here are a few of my favorite pieces. What are yours? Check them out here.

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