Feb 9 2014!!!!

Well Target again has done another designer collab. And I am soooooo excited. I am actually more excited for this than the Phillip Lim collection. Don't stone me. But I love Peter Pilotto I have for a while now. I love the colors and prints these two designers mesh together. I love looking at their collections. I did a biography of them in fashion design and they are up there in my top favorites. Alexander McQueen was the top of that list, and his brand will forever be at the top of that list. RIP. But these two geniuses are not far behind.

Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos met while studying in 2000. Thank the lord they did because together those two are unstoppable with Peter's eye for textiles and Christopher's silhouettes it makes the most divine creation! I am just drooling at the opportunity to wear one of their pieces from Target even if I have to beat it from another shopper. Here are my favorites. What are yours?

Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos

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