The Beauty of Main Street Park City

Hope you had an amazing Christmas. I cannot wait to hear what every one got! I cannot wait to show you all our Christmas Pics.
In these pictures you can see exactly why Park City is such a gorgeous vacation spot! Shopping, food, and the scenery. Here is a nice little tour for you. Next year I think I am going to vlog about it. What do you think? If you get a chance visit Main Street Park City. Especially during Sundance. You will constantly run into celebs. It is awesome!

 Everyone needs dancing fruit decor right!

  We thought this was the smartest invention ever!

He is so dang cute~~

 Failed attempt at a selfie. 

 Coolest logo ever. 

 So you pull on the string coming out of his crotch and he dances..odd placement
or built for perverts..

 The hubbies favorite store.

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