Keeping warm with Neautrals

Oh is such a long season for us Utahns. It has been snowing a lot recently. For the past few years it has been pretty easy winters. This year it has been completely opposite. It is cold and snowy. The hubby and I got to go to a premier for the Hobbit, now before you judge I was not a fan. I hated the first one but I figured I made my hubby go to my (sad to say) Twilight (he hated)  midnight showings and my Hunger Games (which he liked), I would show the same courtesy. I actually ended up liking it. His work had an event so we got to see it earlier. So go see it! I love movies. And there are so many cool movies coming out. I am counting down the days for Robocop. Also I am excited for Godzilla, Need for Speed, Divergent, so many! 
So the outfit we were running errands and window shopping so I wanted to be warm but not to bundled up walking the mall can get a little toasty. We had been looking for a BLVGARI perfume for ages so we strolled into Sephora. In my glossy box I got a shower gel that I am in love with so I have been searching high and low for this perfume. I finally found it! It is the BLVGARI white tea. OMG does it smell amazing. At first its a little strong but you get some oxygen to it and omg the smell it leaves is amazing! I want the shampoo, soap, shower gel, lotion I want it all. Ugh I could just drink this stuff. 

Sweater: Sexy Modest Boutique
Under shirt: Sexy Modest Boutique
Vest: Forever 21
Pants: American Eagle
Boots: Bass (want)
Scarf: Infinity Scarf
Earrings: Rue 21
Necklace: c/o Wicked Crystal

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