Round two of waxing+ how to prevent ingrown hairs+ $100 Jewelry Giveaway

So I went in for my second appointment to European Wax Center. And it gets better each time I go in. It isn't that painful to start with but it gets less and less stingy. My waxing certainly slowed down my hair growth. I noticed my hair grew so much slower. The products they sell also slow down hair growth and prevent ingrown hairs.

How to prevent ingrown hairs:
-Exfoliate!!! It is always important even with shaving to exfoliate. It gets rid of the dead skin so the pores are clear and the new hair can pop through easily.

-Moisturize. Your skin needs moisture! Especially in the dry winter months!

-if you shave, shave with the grain of your hair. It's the way your hair grows the angles they grow in. 

-rinse with cold water. It tightens the pores.

- use products with glyclolic or salicylic acid in it. These keep the pores unclogged. Be careful if you use it on your face however the suns reaction can damage the skin. Use it as a night remedy.
What is an ingrown hair?

We all know what they look like and how they feel. They freaking hurt! 

An ingrown hair is a hair that doesn't emerge from the follicle but remains in the skin. The hair is to weak to break through the skin. 

These are the products I use from EWC. If you go to the draper location, ask for Whitney for your waxing needs. She is the best! Super friendly and completely eases your mind about all things waxing.

Exfoliate: $38
This stuff takes off dry skin. It works wonders. You rub it on and let it sit for a little bit and rub it off. You can actually see the dead skin. Gross. But it also smells good.

Ingrown Hair Serum: $25
This stuff is not only amazing at preventing ingrown hairs, but it works against zits and blemishes!
Only use at night if you use it on your face!

Body Lotion: $20
This is smooth lotion and feels amazing on the skin! Smells so clean and fresh. Feels awesome after waxing or shaving!

Body Wash: $20
The body wash has little bits in it that scrub off the dead skin as well. It smell so good on your skin and makes you skin feel so smooth!

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