The truth about blogging

So like all fashion bloggers in the free world we get some pretty amazing oppurtunities! We get free this and free that. People who read blogs are thinking they get free stuff just to put pictures on a blog and write crap!? I can do that! Why it may seem as simple as that. It's what you don't see that makes this job, a little well crappy. 
Posts: They take forever to be created. It's not just slap an outfit on go take a picture and put up the post. The lighting has to be good, you have to get photo ready. You have to be in a good mood, and learn angles of your shots. It is really not easy. Then you pick the photos and I tell you what, it's a real ego killer when you see the not so pretty shots. But you pushe on. Resize the image, adjust the saturation levels blah blah blah. One post will take hours to create, shoot and edit. So no it's not just slap, click, post. And sometimes the outfit just didn't come across on the camera so you start over.

Smart ass comments: You will get te typical bored idiots that were never taught manners. They will find a misspelled word, something on your pictures that you didn't catch editing. And they will rip you apart. Say things that are actually laughable after you realize they don't know you personally so don't take it personal. They are judging a two dimensional person. They will tell you  all sorts of things. Like typical fashion jabs are "She's ugly she poses like she thinks she's a model", "She has no style", "She looks poor". Can we say intelligent? Posing for a camera all you have to go from is what poses you've seen in magazines. Acting natural in front of a camera is no always easy for awkward people like myself. I am the queen of awkward. Of course they are entitled to their opinions and that's just what they are opinions. Shake it off.

Other bloggers: I love so many other girls that I have met blogging! So many amazing women. You will come across some pretty mean, vindictive girls however. They will compete, and they will be snobs. But welcome to the school yard kiddos. They mean nothing and we all have our different paths to take. Take the high road ignore and move on. 

So for the record: no I don't think I'm a model not even close. Sorry if it looks like I'm trying. All I'm trying to do is not look like Jabba the hut, and put together affordable looks for the beautiful women out there in the world. My grammar sucks most of the time. I misspell, mistype, and make mistakes. We are all human. 

Let's all get through this tough world by making peace not war. It's a cruel world. Why make it crueler? Not sure that's a word but it is now.

I love my blogging job. It has it's perks and it's twerks, but this what I enjoy. So there you go! The end.