How to make and save money off College Text Books.

So we all know College alone is expensive. Not everyone has the scholarships, grants or parents help. Then you get to the book store to buy your text books and drop a couple months worth of car payments on books that you will use for a short time.

I wish I would have known about Campus Book Rentals. Why buy a book when you can rent them!
You save 40-90% off the book store prices!
You get free shipping! Both receiving and sending the books back.
You can highlight the books just as you would your own.
They have very flexible renting periods. They really try to work with your schedule!
And the contribute proceeds to an amazing charity Operation Smile.

There are so many perks to renting books. My sister rented books for college and it saves you so much time and money. College is expensive, save money where ever you can!

They have just come up with a new program that would have been amazing to have in my college experience. You know when you buy a book from the Student Center, spend $150 on it, come back to find out that there is a new edition coming out so your book is worth $5. With Rent Back it allows students to rent out their personal copies to other students. So not only are you making money just renting out books, your helping your fellow com-padre's in need!

Like I said they contribute to Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an organization that helps children with clefts. Some are unable to eat, speak, socialize and carry out normal lives. With the money made this organization helps provide safe surgeries for free. Please check out their website as well to see how you can help!

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