Halloween Series: Lion Kings Scar Makeup

So I tried my best to take photographs of my makeup for Scar. I should have recorded it but I hate editing video tutorials. I wanted to burn down the world after filming my get ready with me video. But here it is. It was super easy and everything you can get from the drug store for super cheap. I will list what you need below. Yes the eyebrows get scary and I look scary without makeup..eek. Be nice.

What you will need:
-concealer stick one shade lighter and one shade darker
-black eyeliner
-red lipstick
-black eyeshadow
-brown eyeliner

Step 1: Prime and moisturize the face. ( Primer/ Moisturizer)
Step 2: Apply foundation and contour the cheek bones. (Foundation/ Contour Crayon)
Step 3: Set with powder. (Powder)
Step 4: Smoke the eyes out using black liner and eyeshadow: ( Eye Shadow/ Liner)
Step 5: Draw and outline of a scar on whatever eye you choose. ( Liner)
Step 6: Use concealer to block out the part of the brow with the scar. ( Concealer)
Step 7: Fill in scar (Liner)
Step 8: Fill in eyebrows with dark color. ( Eyeshadow)
Step 9: Use dark purple on the outer corners of the lips and blend them towards the middle.
Step 10: Finish with finishing spray and mascara

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