European Wax Center, How affordable and comfortable is waxing?

Hey guys! So I had the amazing opportunity to go into European Wax Center and get my legs and eyebrows waxed. I have never gone waxing before. I don't know what took me so long to do it. I loved it! I was so scared before my appointment.

I got there and was greeted by Isabell. She was super friendly and explained everything to me. Their prices are a lot more affordable than I originally thought. I used to think waxing was expensive and I never really researched it.

Eyebrows: $16
Upper lip: $9
Armpits: $16
Legs: $32

So many different things you can get done. It really is affordable.

So Whitney takes me to the room and we get ready to wax. The wax they use is exclusively made for European Wax Center. It is made in Paris (thus European Wax). It does not cling on to the skin and only pulls off hair. It was so warm and smooth. The wax is still pliable when removed where as other waxes are brittle.

She waxed my eyebrows first. They were a little stingy. My eyes watered, but it wasn't any worse than plucking. It felt so nice to have warm wax on my face. I could have spent all day there!

She moved on to my legs. Those ones hurt a little more. It wasn't terrible. Just a quick sting and a little bit of lingering stinging. But it was nothing like you see in movies.

European wax has a ton of locations. Two here in Utah. So please check out their site for products, and waxing info. It is seriously very enjoyable and they have so many options for passes. Payment options are available.

The facilities are clean and nicely run. The employees are so nice. I loved Whitney. She was incredibly nice, and informative. I kept asking her inappropriate questions about guys waxing. Guys do get bikini waxes...I was so freaked out at that. European Wax Center does not do male bikini/ butt waxes..but that seems pretty painful. Yikes.

That was my experience! I would give it two thumbs up..five stars, uhh..a perfect 10. I cannot wait for round two! Please check them out guys. Go get a wax! Comment below if you wax, or would like to. Should I give a round away? Let me know :)

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