Dress Like Spencer from Pretty Little Liars

Ok so I have done my other two favorites and Spencer is the last of my favorites. I am not into Jenna's, Mona, or Emily's style. So unless you request it I most likey won't do a set for them.

Spencer is preppy, and time period chic. She has so many colonial edwardian flairs to her style. I love it. I am rewatching the series for the second time. I forgot how much I love the clothing in this series. So many cute and oddly styled pieces that just work! What are your favorite outfits from PLL?

Dress like spencer

Dress like spencer by caylijeffries featuring skinny ankle jeans

Monsoon white cotton cardigan

Bettie Page top

H&M skinny ankle jeans
$32 - hm.com

Accessorize black suede flat

Forever 21 rhinestone pendant

ASOS belt
$4.82 - asos.com

Tok Tok Designs(TM) Bow Ties for Men Boys (B131, Bright Yellow)

Dress Like Spencer

Dress Like Spencer by caylijeffries featuring a faux leather full skirt

$24 - factorie.com.au

Anna Field blazer
$61 - zalando.co.uk

Warehouse faux leather full skirt
$61 - houseoffraser.co.uk

ELOISE polka dot tight

Lace up stiletto boots
$40 - newlook.com

Zara tote bag

Aeropostale Pencil Stripe Tie

Dress like specer

Dress like specer by caylijeffries featuring a butterfly wing necklace

Button up shirt dress
$56 - thehut.com

River Island blazer
$72 - riverisland.com

Ankle booties

Butterfly wing necklace

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