Ombre, and reflection

So the first week of September we had a huge heart break in the community. An officer was gunned down. Brandon and I were driving to Idaho the night of his funeral and we saw the procession. It was so touching to see the kind of support our community has for fallen officers. It is amazing how people come together to show a hero a big thank you for his sacrafice. And I have been thinking about him and his young wife and little boy all week. How life isn't fair, how much evil is in the world, but after witnessing what the community has done for him and his family, good will always overcome evil. Sorry for the heaviness but I really hope we can all appreciate each and every day we have with our loved ones.

Please take a minute to thank your local law enforcement, firefighters, and soldiers, and their families for the dedication, and sacrafice each and every day. Thank you!

Shirt: Rue 21 (old)
Pants: American Eagle
Boots: Bucco via Hautelook
Bracelet: Rue21 (old)
Sunglasses: Cotton On