Rock Climbing+Tarnished Royalty Giveaway

I am having separation anxiety. I just put my little sister on a plane to New York City,I am so jealous and excited for her. We are both super close and it sucks she is going to be half way around the world without her big sis. She will have so much fun though I am sure! Any places she should look up or eat at while she's there?

So back in July we went rock climbing with our good friends. The weather was absolutely perfect. I so love being outdoors and enjoying the wonderful Mountains I live close to. Rock climbing was a lot of fun even though my fear of heights kept me from climbing. Next time I will be up on the rocks though :) The hubby did amazingly well though. And we got a nice tan :)


So you remember my post about the green locker tag earrings? If not it's here. But Ann has been kind enough to do a giveaway with me for a pair of your very own! These are such an amazing piece to have in your jewelry collection. They are well made, anitqued and they go with everything. It is not something you see everyday. They are very special :). Just follow the Rafflecopter rules and have fun!

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