Shoot me down, but I won't fall.

So this weekend was hard. As a blogger we open ourselves up to some harsh critism. I wont lie it hurt and I gave a lot of thought into quiting. But after thinking hard and talking with my amazing family. This small bump will not keep me from what I love to do. I understand not everyone will be a fan. And they are simply judgements. They don't know me. Their opinions prove that. They can think what they want they are free to do so. But it won't effect me. I am back and I am not going anywhere. I have so many supportive blogger friends, amazing family to back me up. Love you guys!

On a lighter note. This necklace I received from Cleeyn is my new favorite. The chain is durable and the quality of the medal. I love it. I am a huge fan of pocket watch necklaces. They are so delicate. Make sure to check her store out. Also she was kind enough to give you wonderful readers a discount code for her store. She really is amazing! And for you scrapbookers and trim lovers she has another store called Ballade. Check out both her stores.

Code for Cleeyn: cjh10

Under Shirt: Head Over Heels
Yellow Top: Nordstrom (similar)
Skirt: Down East Basics (similar and want)
Necklace: c/o Cleeyn
Shoes: Steve Madden (old)

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