Heyah! Wahpow!

I have been feeling so hyper lately. I have no idea what is in the water here in Utah. But I am just on a high I guess. Lately I have been watching extreme couponing...is this real? Have any of you done this? Because these ladies are literally buying like $2200 worth of products for like $2. I need to try this. Let me know if any of you have coupon tips.

So on to the skirt. Is this not one of the cutest freaking skirts in the world. You guys need to check out Modern_85 on etsy or Instagram. You can't find a cuter skirt for a better price. These girls seriously are one of my favorite stores. I am going to buy more because they are comfy for summer and they are long enough you wont see my womb. If you have noticed the trends lately the hems are super high. Thankfully you can send your measurements to Modern and they will make them accordingly so if you don't mind womb showing go for it :)




Shirt: Rue 21
Skirt: Modern_85 love these girls!
Shoes: Rue 21
Necklace: Homemade
Earrings: Rue 21