Wonderful Date Ideas

So Brandon and I have a hard time coming up with things to do that are cheap. We are both working full time and we are working hard on paying off cars and our home. So we are trying to save money wherever we can. So here are some things we have found that work for us.

1. Netflix movie nights and dinner in. We sometimes watch a tv show we haven't seen or a movie that we haven't seen on netflix and eat our dinner in the living room while we watch it. We mostly make our own meals, but sometimes we order in.

2. Drive in Movies. Here in Utah you get two movies for the price of one. One of our favorite summer things to do. Bring snacks and cuddle under a blanket outside watching some awesome movies.

3. Learn to cook a dish together. We often try to make a difficult dish but end up simplifying the crap out of it. Like if we try to create a healthy version of orange chicken it turns into chicken fajitas lol. But it is fun trying to figure things out.

4. Game night. We love game nights with other people and other couples. You find new games you love and enjoyable games. We came across a game that shocks you if your too slow. You can up the shock value and it flippin hurts!!! Thanks sarah and donovan.

5. Hit a free concert in the park. We have concerts in the park everywhere here. Some you have to pay like ten bucks for and some are free. They are enjoyable and fun.

6. Make crafts together. We are slowly in the process of decorating our Disney themed house. We are going to make a lot of decor ourselves because Disney stuff is EXPENSIVE ;0

7. Make dessert together. Super fun and super cute. Make a mess it is ok. If you are making sundaes there's a lot of fun you can have with that ;)

8. Learn a new skill together. Like how to change the oil, how to apply makeup, how to change a tire. I have learned so much about cars from Brandon. He wont do the makeup thing but he likes to watch. I am sure he can probably apply it better than I can.

9. Window shop together. You may not have money to shop but you can look. Try on clothes and afterwards share an ice cream or a dessert.

10. Go to an matinee movie. Movies can be expensive some theatres have deals where if you catch a movie before 6:00 it is cheaper. So we try and hit those up.

11. Work out. We have a gold gym pass (don't get a pass there) we go grab an elliptical in the cardio cinema and work out. Then go home and have a nice bubble bath or go swim.

12. Clean and jam. We both love music. I have been singing since the womb. We have fun when we clean our house. We flip on a good station and get to cleaning. One takes one duty like bathrooms and kitchen while the other vacuums and dusts. Then afterwards sit down and watch a movie :)

13. Double dates. Going out with other couples is a lot of fun. We like going to eat, or to movies.

14. Going on hikes or camping. Self explanatory.

15. Bon fires and smores. We have a fire pit at my parents. It is fun to just sit around and chat all night. You get to know a lot about people.