What I learned about eating clean

Eating clean can be a tricky thing. All our lives we are told certain things are good for us, they keep us full longer blah blah blah. But be careful with these certain things. For example peanut butter. It is good for us. Has the fat and the protein that we need. But what type of peanut butter are you eating?

If you are eating this basically you are eating peanut flavored shortening...Eww.. look up how many calories are in a PB&J sandwich. You will be astonished. Well I was but I am stingy on my calories.
Mmm this is better and they have a chocolate one as well. You have to mix it yourself but this stuff is delicious. You can mix it in a chocolate protein shake and some bananas. It tastes like a peanut butter chocolate banana sundae. So yummy!
Oh so popcorn is a light snack huh? This is another thing you have to watch. Those microwave packs that say low sodium or low fat...do not fall for that. Stuff like this needs preservatives to stay "fresh"
Try to airpop your own popcorn. It gives you more control as to what goes into it. No mysteries as to what is in your back of a healthy treat...and instead of adding butter and salt...add honey and cinnamon...so delicious!
Juices. BIG misconception. Watch the sugars. Watch what is mixed in the juices. Naturally when you eat an orange you get like what maybe 1/2 cup of juice. So when you drink an 8 oz glass of juice you are drinking a crap ton of oranges and what else they mix to get more out of an orange. Limited amounts of juice is ok.
If you like juices try putting some crystal light in your water, or MIO.
Oh I will go out to eat and just get a salad. That's the healthiest thing on the menu...NO!! Be careful!
For example Red Robins Cob Salad even with the dressing on the side is one of the worst things on their menu. Look up things on the Internet, find out nutrition facts before you go. Ask for a light menu.
Your diet is most of your weight loss. Eat clean and work out!