Stop Traffick Fashion

I don't know if you have heard about this program. I sure am in love with it. I love everything this is about. And ad snipers please do not make this about publicity or getting free stuff, or doing whatever it is you do. I run my blog as an outlet. I don't use this as a way to get free stuff, money, ad or to fill some empty void in my ego. Yes there are benefits I do take advantage of but this is mine.  This is something personal to me. This is a company I found through weeks and months of searching for a cause I truely hold dear to my heart. This is my cause I want to fight for.

I have blogged about them before. What an amazing cause. I am so in love with.

There is a story they recently posted on their site. It is amazing. It touched my heart. I hope it touches yours. Have a wonderful day. Remember those less fortunate and that are suffering.

can you ask your representative to support this vital bill

This link is a call to action:

This link is the info behind it.